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Seven Snippets for Saturday

And it’s Saturday again. It’s Easter, it’s April, it’s spring; more appropriately in reverse order…it was spring, then April…and then…Easter is …really …tomorrow, but y’know what I’m saying… I think…. ANYWAY… There’s a lot of great things to think about this weekend, but here’s a little personal round up of sevenĀ things that have been on […]

Seven Snippets of 2013

(highlights, and pictures, and prose and stuff…) Good morning. It’s the last of it’s kind. There is a sweet nostalgia to the last of a kind; and this? The last morning that can be attributed to 2013? It is indeed sweet, and lovely. So I woke up early this morning. Honestly, I’ve been trying to […]

Gingerbread 7.0

My sister and I first started our gingerbread house tradition in the Christmas of 2003. The year before my friend Allison (of the curious cupcake) and I, had made my first ever homemade gingerbread houses from scratch. Not the little kits you buy and decorate, but the kind where you slave for hours in the […]