Be Worthy

There will be times when your loneliness burns

Times when you can hardly remember what it was like to know love

But these are only moments

You must remember the emptiness is so vast because it echos with the depth of your capacity for love.

There will be days when you talk and hear, but speak to no one, and listen to nothing

In these times the silence of the human race seems to shut out the music of the universe

But the kingdom symphony will always sing in the still places of the earth

And your voice will still sing too, if you will remember your song.

There will be times when another will hurt you deeply

The pain of their disengagement will rip at your soul

And you will buffer yourself from the pain of connection by expecting all others to hurt you too

But hurting people hurt people, And their disengagement will never define you.

There will be moments when you’re surrounded by people

When you hear them laugh, and cluster in groups of seamless unity

And times when their division rips at the soul of the cosmos

And in both division and connection, You must believe that love is stronger than fear.

Nothing but yourself and submission to fear can define you as less than who you truly are

And you must believe there is more goodness in the world than pain.

You must fight evil by speaking truth

You must be you, and do it boldly

Declare it to the end of the earth, and in the depth of your soul

When you think no one is listening

And when you think you are not listening.

You cannot guarantee that people will love you

You cannot guarantee that they will not hurt you

You cannot guarantee that there won’t be days when it feels like evil is winning

You cannot guarantee that you will see your dreams come to pass

You cannot guarantee success.

But you can do something better:

Be worthy.

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