Bateman Island & Yakima River Delta

In an attempt to see more of the surrounding PNW, I’ve been scouting out interesting hiking areas.  I’ve definitely not found myself in want of good hiking trails, covering pretty much any outdoor topography I would like.  There’s the dessert, the valley, the mountains, the ocean… the only thing lacking really are the good deciduous forest of the Midwest, that I grew up with.  Pretty much everything else  is covered.

Yesterday, my sister, nephew and I, set out to explore the Bateman Island and Yakima River Delta areas.  We didn’t make it really far in the Bateman Island trail due to lots of water on the trail, and the lack of appropriate shoes (hiking/tennis shoes take soooo long to dry out oy.)  Next time we’ll be prepared.  But it was still fun to see some of the landscape, and get a feel for the network of trails in that area.  You can find out lots more helpful information, trail descriptions, and map information from the Hike TriCities web page.

Even if we didn’t make it far, there were still plenty of pretty things to see.  Hopefully we’ll make it back for some longer adventures (prepared with better footwear) in the future.

Regardless of how far one goes, it’s good to be out in the earth and soaking up the sun.

Happy trails!

~M.R. Berry