Author: Elle Berry

South Fork Walla Walla

The first time I visited Washington was in the spring of 2004. My sister was moving to Walla Walla and so I decided to fly out with her on my spring break. At the time, it was significantly less expensive to fly into Pasco rather than Walla Walla, and so we flew into the tri-cities […]

Of Your Becoming

Transitions, like growth spurts bring with them awkward uncertainties — Teeth too large to fit in mouths too small, Heads sitting higher as we find ourselves in allocations unfamiliar, terrain unknown — The in-between places less like autumn and more like adolescence. But like a season transitions will transcend and we wake full-frontal versions of […]

Finding Delight in the Familiar

The first time I met Bennington Lake was the late summer of 2008. At the time I still lived in the Midwest, and I was visiting my sister. It was the first week of September and so the trails were covered in what I have come to recognize as the ‘usual, late summer, dusty haze.’ […]