Author: Elle Berry

A Frog for Christmas

Digging through the archives, I found this little gem which I will reblog for you as a Flashback Friday. It was originally published in 2012, after I received a Frog for Christmas. If you’re looking for a happy, feel-good story that will leave your soul bursting with the possibility of the world… this is not that story. In my family, we have… Read more →

The Empathy ℞

This morning as I opened my Google mail, I was intrigued by an e-mail from The Institute of Functional Medicine regarding a 2012 study published in PLOS ONE. The experiment involved a specific genetic trait and measured the response regarding the placebo effect. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome were put in one of three categories: 1) They were put on a long waiting list for treatment 2) They were… Read more →

Advice to my Future Self

Let me not grieve what was never mine to hold. Or waste my living on rot and mold. Relationships failed to come into being Thoughts un-fleshed that were never seen Dreams that died without fruit on the vine All those ideas that were once mine Seeds that were planted, but never grew Harvest of wishes that didn’t come through Let… Read more →


I call them the Solomon days. I anticipate your blank stares. What do you mean the Solomon days? I understand. I texted my cousin those words a few days ago, telling him, I was falling into the Solomon days and he said, ‘I don’t know what that is…to the cloud!’ but Google doesn’t seem to have a repertoire or reference… Read more →

LIVE {What I’m into lately}

I have no idea where October went. But it somehow seems to already be November (election day!). It’s cooled down, and for a few days the trees have been stunning, although it’s been raining quiet a bit which means the leaves are falling at an alarmingly vast rate. The winter season is upon us with it’s cool weather, short days,… Read more →

October Walks

So know how I as just posting about autumn walks, and how it was too early for me to actually go on an autumn walk because the leaves hadn’t really changed yet? Well, that is mostly true…however there are a few trees by a lake trail near by that change early October. Really pretty, golden colors of autumn leaves…I was… Read more →

Seven Snippets {October Rituals}

October 11th: I’m sitting in my room, listening to a Bach Toccata, eating cottage pie, and smelling the sweet aroma of my new Mulled Cider candle.  I’m soaking up a little October. The older I get the more I believe that seasons are best marked with traditions and rituals…I’ve also noticed that these things are easier to pull off when… Read more →

South Fork Walla Walla

Earlier this month I took a day to wander along one of my more familiar trails. It is one of the closer ‘wilderness’ trails for me to get on, and so I like to get down there when I don’t have the option of going to Rainier for the weekend, or some other western-PNW trail. South Fork runs through a valley… Read more →