The April/May Files

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Huh.  So one moment it was March, and I was blogging from time to time with decent frequency. Then the next thing I knew, it was the end of May and I’d went a WHOLE month without so much as a peep on the Chasing Whippoorwills.  I go through my phases of caring about posting, and I’m ok with that in general. Although I admit, during the times when I regularly post, it’s a nice little history that I can look back and remember the way things used to be. If nothing else, that might be the number one reason I bother at all.  I mean, there are some other reasons I blog. For starters it’s kind of fun.  Also, it’s a way I can share with people I love who I don’t see everyday.  But really,  most of all, it’s like this interweb scrapbook of remembrance that reminds me I was alive, and reminds me what I was. Even the silly post tend to jog a memory about the state of my being–in truth sometimes more than the not as silly post.  But yes…April flew by, May flew by…actually honestly it more crawled by at times.  And I didn’t blog a bit… yet by air or by crawl, this is the way it was.  (And yes, by the way, Care Bare is simply really cute, providing a lot of photogenic moments.  He might have had the monopoly on my camera for most of May. 😉 Beware the cuteness. You’ve been warned.)



~M. R. Berry